I organize foraging workshops a few times a year. Though, I work mainly as a scientist and I work a lot, I can spare a few weekens a year to do it.

My workshops take place in the Carpathian Mountains in my village. The last for 2 days. We make 3 collecting trips and prepare several dishes from what we gathered. Like in other foraging workshops across Europe.

My workshops have a long history, they started in 2002!

The vegetation in my place is mixed forest made of fir, beech, hornbeam, oak, maples, alder etc. There are many wondefrul ancient meadows around. The landscape is an idcyllic mix of wooden huts, some newer buildings, forests and grasslands. The flora is quite rich. The precipitation is quite high, around 700 m, so the plant communities are very much like those of lower elevations of Alps. There are many plants in common with Britain, Germany, Austria and northern France.

I usually make workshops in end of April, early May, mid-July and September. Please enquire if you are interested. They are run in Polish and I can simulataneously speak English – I had participants from all over the world.

Here is the link to the Polish website about it: http://luczaj.com/warsztaty.htm